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Learning Facilitators

Passion. Knowledge. Experience.

Our facilitators are life-long learners who are engaged in their own Self-Directed Education journeys. They are well-read and well-educated in the formal sense. Most importantly, however, our learning facilitators are capable of and committed to helping your child find answers to their questions and pursue their unique interests. They share a passion for helping children attain educational freedom and reach their true potential. As we grow and hire more LFs they, too, will meet these standards

Ashlee Barwell
Head Learning Facilitator
Master of Arts & Bachelor of Arts, York University
(PhD proudly incomplete)

20 years of experience as an educator 

During two decades as an educator I saw first-hand the desperate need in our society for Self-Directed Education. My most profound moments as a private school teacher, tutor, and university teaching assistant happened outside of the classroom, beyond the confines of curriculum, and could not be captured by a grade. I decided to withdraw from my doctorate program in 2015, thoroughly disappointed in formal schooling and desiring more for myself and my future children. Since leaving school and embarking on my own SDE journey I've learned far more about the subjects that interest me and relate to my life--and far more about myself and what matters to me as a whole person--than I could have ever learned in a classroom trying to make a grade. My interests now include evolutionary biology and psychology, developmental neuroscience, the science and philosophy of Yoga, human lactation and maternity, and matricentric feminism. And, of course, I am currently obsessed with the ever-growing body of research on SDE and its benefits for children and society as a whole.

Andrew Barwell
Assistant Learning Facilitator
Bachelor of Arts in progress, Police Foundations Diploma

Loving husband and father, Andrew currently works full-time as a transit operator for the TTC, though in the near future he will be working part-time and assisting at the LLC. Andrew is an avid reader and podcast listener. Failed by the public school system, he found Self-Directed Education in adulthood. He is passionate about providing his children with a well-rounded education that will prepare them for success in every facet of life. His interests include bioethics, evolutionary psychology, fatherhood studies, futurology, modern history, and politics. 

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