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Our Services

Flexible part-time and full-time

learning facilitation and care

for children aged 4 to 12

at our family home in

Omemee, Ontario and

our local forests, beaches,

meadows, and trails.

We provide a supportive, safe, stimulating environment in which children are free to play and direct their own education.


It is imperative that our children develop the ability to use technology as a tool to expand their learning opportunities. Quality screen time can include: listening to a book, watching a how-to video, coding in a video game, reading a blog, or using a smart phone to navigate a trip

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Children need unlimited time to play without adult intervention. Free play time at the LLC is not free from supervision but, rather, our learning facilitators allow children to direct their own games and solve their own problems. Our learners can play with toys and materials however they wish for as long as they wish.

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From cooking and baking to building a fire and a shelter, children will be encouraged to participate in skill-building activities with their fellow learners. These skill-building activities may involve field trips or guest facilitators.

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With a caring and attentive adult available, children will ask questions and offer their insights in joyful and engaging conversations. Since they know they are not being evaluated and are not looking for praise,  learners are free to think out loud, make mistakes,  explore hypotheses, and find answer on their own. 

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At the LLC we will not :

  • impose standardized curriculum on your child*

  • evaluate your child's learning performance with tests and assignments 

  • force your child to sit in a chair or remain in a classroom for any length of time

  • reward your child with praise and treats for demonstrating knowledge and skills

  • punish or shame your child for not demonstrating knowledge and skills

  • prevent your child from playing or pursuing an interest or suggest that play is trivial and their chosen pursuits are not valuable**

  • prevent your child from playing outdoors regardless of the weather***

  • interrupt your child while engaged in an activity in order to follow a set schedule

  • correct or insist on helping your child as they try to figure something out on their own

  • referee children's disagreements before allowing them the time and space to problem solve on their own


Rain or shine, we are committed to spending several hours a day in nature, which is critical to children's cognitive and physical development as well as their mental health. Children belong in the open air with their feet on the earth.


We are proud to provide truly individualized attention and learning supports that honour the uniqueness of each child: their interests, their learning style, and their personality. We encourage individuality not conformity.

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We offer daily yoga practices that synchronize movement and breathing to promote physical and psychological wellbeing. Regular yoga practice can improve emotional regulation,  strengthen concentration, and boost immune health.


Children are welcomed to unleash their creativity and make use of the art supplies in our centre's Craft Corner however they would like. Optional, adult-guided crafts will also be offered weekly.

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